Monday, November 28, 2011

AdSense Not Working for WordPress Hosted on Free 000webhost


I Installed WordPress to 000webhost free hosting, but AdSense is not working or showing up properly on my original domain (

Steps taken:
1. Copied code from my Adsense account and directly pasted the code into the HTML.
2. Used the AdSense plugins provided by WordPress
3. Checked my robots.txt

But nothing worked

After all the reading and posting and loosing my mind, I figured out the solution.


1. I got a different domain name. from
2. Pointed the servers to 000webhost using DNS settings
3. Parked the new domain at 000webhost (
4. In 000webhost redirect the old domain to new domain.

In conclusion:

AdSense does not work for the domain given free from 000webhost, and all you need to do is get a new domain. And that's how to fix AdSense to work on WordPress hosted free via on 000webhost.


  1. Does it work if I'm using the TK domain?

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